Suit Valet Stand

Whether your décor is traditional or contemporary, a clothes or suit valet stand is ideal for laying out the next day’s attire, draping a barely worn shirt for use the next day, or leaving out out a favourite pair of shoes.

Gentleman’s Valet

A clothes valet stand leaves the bedroom room neat and uncluttered, and adds style points for today’s discerning gentleman. Rather than tossing your work apparel on an empty chair, quickly arrange your suit or clothes over a valet stand custom built by our expert craftsmen.

Personalised to Complement Your Needs and Style

Your suit and clothes valet stand can be customised and set up for the way you like to dress. Let our team personalise your décor to your individual requirements with:

  • Shoe racks
  • Extra hideaway drawers
  • Jacket hangers
  • Pants racks
  • A small shelf for personal items
  • A jewellery tray

Our team can design and stain your clothes valet stand in a variety of colours or finishes. Regardless of your personal choices, yours will be individually handcrafted with utmost attention to quality and craftsmanship.

To find out more about how a Mahogany by Hand suit valet stand can bring timeless function to your bedroom, submit an online enquiry form or call us on 03 9555 1210.

If you are passionate about keeping your bedroom organised, putting everything in its place and about wearing prim and proper clothing then our range of clothes valet stand including gentleman’s valet stand and suit valet stand is just what you need! Our valet stands are extremely functional & useful & they make perfect gifts!

At Mahogany by Hand, our skilled craftsmen have come up with an intricate and contemporary & period design collection of clothes valet stand that work amazingly well as a suit valet stand. A suit valet stand by Mahogany by Hand will not only help you in keeping your room clutter-free but also add some decorative flair to it.

There is no limit on the creativity of our valet stand that enable us to manufacture and finish highly functional and aesthetically pleasing gentleman’s valet stand and suit valet stand. They are custom designed and also incorporate a hat holder, tie, wallet, watch and cufflink trays, shoe rack and drawers. various other features which enhance your daily routine.

For example, you may want a shelf on your valet stand so you can place your favourite cologne on your gentleman’s valet stand for quick and easy access when you are getting ready for work. Or there is space a comb or a brush on the stand so you can style your hair then and there, while getting ready.Discuss your requirements with us at Mahogany by Hand and get your very own personalised clothes valet stand including a gentleman’s valet stand or a suit valet stand!